Monday, April 8, 2013

OfferDrop: Your Facebook Offers App

OfferDrop is happy to announce our latest mobile app release for the iPhone. With release 3.2.4, Facebook users can now see Facebook Offers their friends are claiming, sharing and liking on Facebook. The OfferDrop Shopping Wall now shows everything your friends are sharing and claiming, so you never miss a thing.

OfferDrop allows shoppers to search for local Facebook Offers from local merchants and manage their saved and claimed Offers from one convenient mobile app. With this latest release of OfferDrop, we have enabled tighter integration with Facebook so you can see all the Offers your friends are sharing. No more hunting through your email inbox for claimed offers or scanning through your Facebook news feed to see what Offers your friends are sharing.

The OfferDrop Shopping Wall is a fun and powerful Pinterest like feature within OfferDrop. It allows you to visually see all the Offers your friends are sharing and liking from all the merchants you like and follow. No more scanning through your liked Facebook merchant pages to find new Offers or wait for Offers to pop-up in your Facebook news feed. Now everything is organized for you on the OfferDrop Shopping Wall. That is not mention all the other great OfferDrop Facebook features such as push notifications from merchants you follow and friends you follow.

OfferDrop makes Facebook Offers more fun and more social. Try it now and discover all the great Facebook Offers and Facebook merchants around you today. Never miss a nearby Facebook Offer and stay connected with your friends to find all the popular Facebook Offers and merchants.

OfferDrop is currently available for the iPhone, Android and web. Visit our website to download the OfferDrop mobile app and get started discovering all the great Facebook Offers around you. Also stay tuned for our Merchant Offers Platform coming soon that will allow local merchants to reach and communicate more effectively with their Facebook shoppers.

OfferDrop Team

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