Saturday, May 4, 2013

Local Shopping Is Becoming More Mobile and Social

This StreetFight article provides some interesting food for thought on where local search and SoLoMo commerce is going. Facebook has the potential to dominate this turf by doing what no other provider can do and integrating the social layer with local search.

One thing in the discussion that got my attention was the topic about inaccurate local venues as they relate to FB brand pages. This is a problem for large chains with many venues. In reality, a lot of large chains don't even claim their FB community Places. We solve this at OfferDrop by linking community and non-community FB Places to their FB brand pages. This way when a corporate FB Brand Page publishes an Offer or Post, we link it to the local FB place whether or not that Place is claimed by the corporate chain or not. This way when you search for FB Offers and Posts locally, in OfferDrop, you can see them linked to the offers that come from the Brand Page. This benefits shoppers and merchants.

OfferDrop is currently available for the iPhone, Android and web. Visit our website to download the OfferDrop mobile app and get started discovering all the great Facebook Offers around you. Also stay tuned for our Merchant Offers Platform coming soon that will allow local merchants to reach and communicate more effectively with their Facebook shoppers.

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