Thursday, August 28, 2014

OfferDrop Release v1.7

OfferDrop is pleased to announce the release of OfferDrop 1.7 for merchants and mobile shoppers. Now available in the Apple app store for the iPad (for merchants) and iPhone (for shoppers).

This release is packed with new features and improvements to enable merchants to engage with in-store customers using iBeacons. New features include:

1) Enhanced algorithm for discovering offers as shoppers move about your store.
2) In-stores offers only visible after notifications are received for stores with multiple beacons giving merchants more control over when offers are visible.
3) Separate notification sent per in-store offer. No more single batch notifications.
4) Lock screen notifications will navigate user to new popup offer details UI.
5) iPad merchant app account settings UI redesign.
6) iPad merchant settings info to configure more merchant options.
7) iPhone UI redesign for great look & feel and navigation.
8) New iPhone push notification center.
9) iPhone beacon detection critical bug fix for new offers.
10) New customer in-store feedback feature to allow merchants to communicate directly with their in-store customers.
11) iPhone in-store offers now show in separate popup.
12) Bug fixes.
Download or upgrade from the Apple app store today to get the latest Merchant iPad app and iPhone mobile app.

Updated Android release for mobile shoppers now also available in the Google Play store.

OfferDrop Team

"In-Store Mobile Customer Engagement"

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