Thursday, October 18, 2012

Coupons Just Got Really Social & Local

We have been hard at work here at OfferDrop on what will be an awesome mobile application for both shoppers and merchants. OfferDrop has always had the mission to transform local commerce and bring shoppers together in a fun and beneficial social network while making it easier for merchants to reach their local consumer base. With our impending launch, we are close to delivering on the first step of our vision.

We are now just about there. Stay tuned for the new radical makeover of the OfferDrop mobile app and platform. Check our website for a sneak peak on what we have cooking.

We believe the Facebook platform and smartphone revolution are still in their infancy and have virtually unbounded potential to change not just how friends and family communicate but how people shop smarter and how merchants reach local shoppers.

Commerce solutions such as Facebook Offers and Apple Passbook will transform how people shop and share in their every day lives. These platforms will also change how merchants reach their local consumers and at OfferDrop we will be there to deliver awesome solutions for both shoppers and merchants leveraging these foundations. Stay tuned, the ride is just getting started.

OfferDrop Team

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