Monday, February 4, 2013

Passbook Powered Facebook Offers

We are very excited to announce the release of OfferDrop 3.2 for the iPhone. This release provides support for Apple Passbook. This allows Facebook shoppers to save their local Facebook Offers right to their Passbook wallet on their iPhone with just one tap.

This is the perfect combination of technology that makes it easier for Facebook shoppers to mange their coupons and offers in one place. No more hunting for Facebook deals anymore. You can use OfferDrop to search for great nearby Facebook Offers then save your offers to your Passbook wallet. Then anytime you are near the merchant's store, Passbook will remind you of the offer. OfferDrop and Passbook also makes it easy for shoppers to redeem their offers - no more hunting through your emails for Facebook offers!

Our OfferDrop mobile app lets you search and find nearby Facebook Offers right from your mobile phone and save your coupons straight into Passbook. Share with friends to discover more local Facebook offers. Facebook merchants can get in on the action by using OfferDrop to create their own locally enabled Facebook Offers including very easy support for creating and managing Passbook coupons.

Also coming soon we will be providing more powerful merchant tools to allow Facebook merchants to tightly integrate their Facebook Offers and rewards programs with Passbook. Try OfferDrop today and see how easy it is find great Facebook offers near you.

OfferDrop Team

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